Embroidery is done in 8 and more colors on high technology machines with automatic thread cutting mechanism enabling 1,000 cuts per minute. The equipment manufacturer is ZSK from Germany.

We provide the services of embroidering emblems- corporate logos on the fabrics: single, footer, twill, diolen. The sizes of the embroidered emblems are 10-350mm x 10-450mm. Embroidery is done in 8 and more colors at customer’s request.

Each item in our range of personal protective uniforms may bear a desired corporate logo, embroidered in the colors requested by customer.

So far, we have made over 1,000 emblems – corporate logos in desired colors, at the request of our customers. We are recognizable in Serbia by the fact that the personal protective uniforms we produce bear embroidered corporate logos, while other manufacturers just print logos on their uniforms.

For all embroidered emblems, we possess the certificates issed by an accredited laboratory for color consistency, upkeep, etc.